OCARINA MEDIA is a multimedia production company led by Yuki Kokubo, a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. Yuki works with corporate and nonprofit clients, and uses her background in documentary film to produce meaningful stories that resonate emotionally with viewers. Her passion is using the visual medium to make a positive impact on the world.


In 2013, Yuki's first feature length film, KASAMAYAKI (MADE IN KASAMA) received funding from the Jerome Foundation and was selected as one of ten documentary films for a yearlong fellowship with IFP Documentary Labs. In 2014, Yuki received an Individual Artist Grant from the New York State Council on the Arts for her work on KASAMAYAKI.


Raised in an artists’ community in rural Japan, Yuki Kokubo and her family relocated to New York City in 1986. She began photographing as a teenager and studied fine art photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. More recently, Yuki attended School of Visual Arts for MFA in Social Documentary Film. Since 2010, Yuki has worked extensively with the Environmental Defense Fund to document the BP oil spill and restoration projects in coastal Louisiana. An experienced shooter and editor, Yuki also has research experience on projects such as Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. In 2011, she ventured into the Mexican jungle for an expedition-style shoot to document jaguar conservation. In 2012, she worked as Director of Photography on "Street Girls," a documentary based in Nigeria. Yuki recently completed her first feature-length film, KASAMAYAKI (MADE IN KASAMA), which will premiere in 2014.